Friday, November 17, 2017

Vintage Toy Sleds... easy DIY!!

Vintage Toy Sleds...

Well we have come full circle and are back to glueing popsicle sticks together...

But Dang they are cute!!  Perfect to trim a Gift with , or hang on the tree or even as a small homemade gift.

The Video shows you how to make them.. they really are easy!!

Vintage Sled Decorations DIY Video

Here's your supply list:

Standard Popsicle Sticks ( a bag of 100 run around $4)
2.5 inch Popsicle Sticks   ( a bag of 100 run around $4)

Wood Glue or Tacky Glue 
decoupage ( to make the glitter stick)
A sheet of Card Stock ( scrap will do)
Glue gun and  wood or general craft glue sticks

Acrylic Craft Paint
I use DecoArt Americana Acrylic: Country Red, Asphaltum, Warm White, Lamp Black. ( optional colours Sea Breeze, Sea Glass, Titanitum White) .
and a Dark Gel Stain ( I subbed with Thinned Asphaltum)

Wooden Snowflakes, Stick on Gems or
other embellishments
 ( I found a bunch at Hobby Lobby)

Glitter and Bakers Twine

Dynasty Foliage Brush ( any 1/2" craft brush will work but I really like the Foliage Brush)

I got a bit carried away and made about 40 of these little fellas, in a variety of was so much fun!!



Saturday, October 21, 2017

Decoupage Background and Wine Decor Project

Thought for the day:
People are a little like crayons... they many not be your favourite colour but at some point you will need them to complete your picture. 

The weekend is a great time for Sitting in the studio and watching tutorials...This is a fun project and pretty easy to do!!

Have a great weekend 


decoupage background

Creating a fun Decor background

Adding the wine

Some more detail......

Finishing up!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Videos for your Friday!

Thought for the day:

When Life throws you curve balls.. swing at em' like Stevie Wonder with a light sabre!

Some quick Videos for Your Friday!!

Both brushes shown are available from : The Brush Guys

Blue Ice

Dynasty Stenciller

Have a great weekend!! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ornament Exchange Blog Hop 2017

Check out ALL of the Wonderfull FREE Patterns , from some of your favourite designers, that you can collect during this BLOG HOP!

    Oct 17,18, 19th

               Jane Allen            Amy Mogish        Franca Marzi      Judy Westegaard-Jenkins

               Golda Rader           Debbie Mishima         Tracy Moreau         Linda Sharp

                 Sandy McTier         Deb Antonick       Laure Paillex         Wendy Young

Hopefully you didn't miss ... 

Thank you so much for dropping by and participating in this years

 Ornament Exchange Blog Hop!!

 When Jane asked if I would like to participate I enthusiastically agreed.. then reality hit and I had to actually get something designed, painted and written up! I panicked!! ( we creative types often suffer from bouts of self doubt and second guess EVERYTHING we do)  I had one of those moments. That being said, NOTHING stimulates ones creativity like a deadline and the last minute! Voila! My Holiday Ornament 2017!! As you may ( or may not) know, I LOVE lettering and I love interesting and fun backgrounds so I combined the two for this fun Ornament. As it is quite simple to do, I added the lettering for other holiday inspired words, so that you can create a few others for tree trimming or gifting! Have fun with this!!

I am not ordinarily a "BLUE" person , but this year I am infatuated with this "Bahama Blue" I love the vibrancy of it, and it works so very well for so many things! Throw in an elegant stamp , a little antiquing and of course a stencil and some glitter and you have an elegantly pretty Holiday Ornament. These make great gifts, Tags or tree trimmings, they work up quickly and can be done using any colours of your choice! Ultra contemporary to simply traditional... no matter your choice, the results will be festive and appreciated!

You will Need:

. Small Chalk Board Ornament Blanks from Cupboard Distributing

. Elegant Borders Clear Cling Stamp from Stampendous.

. Dynasty Faux Squirrel Brushes( 3/4 flat wash, #2 Rigger, 1/4 angle, 3/8 Angle )
  From The Brush Guys

. StazOn Opaque White Ink Pad from Micheals

. Snowflake Stencil from Tracy Moreau Design

. DecoArt Americana Acrylics  ( Bahama Blue, Peacock Teal, Asphaltum, Warm White, Glamour Dust, Liquid Glass.

. Basic supplies: paper towel, sanding sponge,( White) Graphite paper, Tracing paper, pen or stylus

To Begin:
Base coat the ornament blanks with "Bahama Blue" One coat should do it. If it's not fully opaque thats ok, we are going to distress the surface a little anyway. Let them dry throughly before you sand lightly ( to smooth it out a bit)

Use the stamp to add the lacy effect to the top and bottom of each blank, using the Opaque White stamp pad. Set the blanks aside to dry well.  ( 5 to10 minutes)

NOW we age them a little bit!!
Give the blanks a light sanding, just enough to wear the paint a little thin in a few areas and along the edge , to expose the original surface. Wipe the dust away.

Float the edges of the ornament with Asphaltum. repeat this and walk the colour out toward the center. Let it dry. Apply a wash of thinned Asphaltum over the entire ornament. Let it dry.

Trace and transfer the lettering to the centre of the blank, using white graphite paper ( the black or grey is too dark and harder to remove.)
Shade along the right side of each letter with a float of  Peacock Teal. 

Using the #2 Rigger and thinned Warm White, Paint in the lettering.
A rigger is like a really long flat brush , so if you press it to the palette to flatten it out , it is excellent for painting lettering in one stroke.

Spatter the surface with some thinned Warm White. ( spatter with  a  little  Asphaltum if you want to too)

Position the stencil over the ornament ( randomly) and apply a thin layer of the Liquid Glass over the stencil with a palette knife, carefully remove the stencil. ( it will leave a slightly raised image in place) 

Generously Sprinkle Glamour Dust over the raised snowflakes while the medium is still wet. 

Tap on the ornament lightly to to seat the glitter in the medium. Then tap the excess of onto a sheet of paper. Pour the excess back into the bottle. 

Add  A wire and a small Ribbon or silk flower to the corners, and your ornament is ready to hang. 

Want to WIN ??

DecoArt is providing the DecoArt product used in this project to one lucky winner.  To enter to be a part of this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post.  I will select the winner on November 3rd.   Each artist in this blog hop will also be offering the DecoArt Give Away, so check out all of their amazing ornaments!!

   Move On Over To The Next Blog For Another Great Ornament At:  Linda Sharp's Blog

Down load your PDF Copy of the above pattern here:   PDF Pattern Download

Many Thanks to Our Sponsors!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Passamaquoddy Bay, Campabello, NB 

Thought for today:

We all live under the same sky... but we don't all have the same horizon.

Have a Wonderful Day!


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thought for the day:
Choose being Kind over being right, and you'll be right every time.

I am building up to This years "Random Act Of Christmas Kindness" 

Here is the FREE Pattern for one of the first one I have done.. He's darn cute and so easy.. He's a great project for little ones, so get them involved!! 

Have a Wonderful Day 


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Seeing potential.. and hearing voices..

Thought for the day:
Amateurs practice til they get it right, professionals , practice until they can't get it wrong.

Seeing the Potential.

We creative types, are often asked questions.. like... "What made You Think To Do That To That??

The answer is ...." It Just Talked To Me.....I know you have at least THOUGHT  This at one time or another. No we are not suffering from delusions, we aren't hearing voices ( ok so maybe a little... but it's not telling us to burn down the barn or hide bodies in the woods.) It is our creative mind... seeing the potential is something. 


When ever I look at a surface .. it has to talk to me. If it doesn't I leave it there... if it talks quietly .. I consider it... but if it's yelling and waving it's arms... It's going home with me.
You may think it isn't a  good thing to listen to the voices in your head... but as long as they are telling you to paint something, make something fun or something pretty... and noone gets hurt...well ya gotta admit.. it has potential. 

Have a wonderful day. 


Vintage Toy Sleds... easy DIY!!

                                        Vintage Toy Sleds... Well we have come full circle and are back to glueing popsicle sticks tog...